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Connecting with multiple mortgate and cash loans operators

Fintago enables users to connect with many financial operators and provides with a number of tools in order to find optimal terms for mortgage and cash loans

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The challenge

Our mission was to build a place where users can get the best possible rate for a mortgage or personal loan through calculators and instant offers for different lenders. All so that users can make comparisons and choose the best deal for them alone or with a Fintago support. An additional challenge was to create, based on the information provided by the user, a model predicting the user's scoring, creditworthiness and chance of getting a loan.

Most Important Features Delivered

  1. Frontend and backend
    Entire web application including Design, Frontend and Backend
  2. Predictive models
    Predicting the user's scoring, creditworthiness and chance of getting a loan for a different lenders
  3. API integrations with 3d-party
    Integration with SMS and mailing services for various notifications
  4. Quality Assurance
    A complete package of services to ensure product succes